What is a Food Pantry?

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You’ve probably heard of, or maybe even helped gather supplies for a food bank. So, a food pantry can’t be all that different right? Well, both have the same mission, which is getting food to people who need it, but they do have their differences. Both buildings work together to get the food to those who need it, using their purposes to further the cause.

A food bank is where the food is stored. It’s brought from donations, restaurants, grocery stores, and other places. Then the food is sorted and safely stored inside the food banks until drivers come and pick it up. The drivers then take the food to a food pantry, where people can come to receive food. They can be community food pantries, or food pantries devoted to a certain section of the community.

Two examples of specialized food pantries include food pantries inside of schools, that typically cater to young children who cannot afford regular lunches or breakfasts, and mobile pantries that come to people and communities with little transportation. The food is then either given in prepackaged boxes or bags, or displayed on tables for people to choose from the items available.

So, a food bank is where everything is stored and awaits delivery, while a food pantry is where the food is actually given out to the community.  Whether you are seeing a food pantry valparaiso in service to volunteer or to get your next meal, be sure to thank those involved for all the great work they are doing.

Almost every area of the world has some type of food bank donation program or another way of giving to the local food bank, and you can certainly volunteer at food pantries and soup kitchens to help those in need.